What's the difference between a good photograph and a great photograph?

A good photograph documents a place and time. A great photograph inspires emotion. It moves us. It compels us to remember the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of that singular fleeting moment. Great photography is so much more than just expensive cameras and lenses. It’s about people and the connections between them.

By itself, the ability to capture images is not enough. Successful storytellers create narrative imagery using their talents, creativity and unique perspective. Above all else, it takes driving motivation and passion to create lifelong memories.

“Live Your Day. Share Your Story.” is not a simple slogan. The phrase embodies the Kaufman Kramer core philosophy and is what drives us to be the best.

Your story is our passion.

Our Process:

Step One: The Kaufman Kramer Wedding Experience
The first step in working with Kaufman Kramer is to understand what we offer every client regardless of which experience you decide to choose. Our creative process centers around a combination of talented photographers, amazing photo editing, sharing your memories with loved ones, and the delivery of a breathtaking album.

Step Two: Your Coverage / A La Carte Options
Our photography is so much more than just a wedding “package”, it’s an experience. Choose an experience that best reflects how you’ve always wanted your story told. Whether you choose to bring us along for 8 hours or for the full day, you will receive photos that stand the test of time and showcase the love you have for each other.

Step Three: Your Album Options
Designing a wedding album is an exciting experience. Telling your story with style and elegance is what we do best. Our wide variety of albums cater to virtually any level of investment you wish to make.

Step Four: Our Incentives and Promotions
We’ve built a business based on relationships, and we want to reward you for any referral you send our way. Our incentives are structured to give you even more of the photography you love. Whether it’s canvas clusters, framed prints or additional print credits, your help in growing our business is invaluable to us… and we want to show you how much we appreciate it.

Step Five: Schedule a Consultation
If you’re interested in working with us, schedule a consultation to see the photography and albums in person. Our consultations are flexible according to your schedule and we can meet you almost anywhere. We look forward to hearing from you!

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