Nina + Joe – A Beautiful September Wedding

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Client Slideshows, Wedding Photography

I first met Nina and Joe after booking with Joe's sister, Dolly, who's wedding was earlier this year. It's such a cool experience to be able to shoot photography for two members of the same family. When you walk in on wedding day, everyone knows who you are, the relationships have been established. Just a great feeling overall.

Nina and Joe are an amazing couple. They are so loving in everything they do, that being photographed seems to be second nature to them. We started out the day in Rocky River at the Color Nation salon. This place is really well decorated with lots of bright vibrant colors and open atmosphere. I was able to grab some great window light portraits as well as some macro detail shots of Nina's ring. When I was shooting her ring, I was checking my display on the back of the camera and I remember thinking, "I don't think I'm going to need to crop into this at all. Wow." (Well done Joe) 🙂

From the salon, we moved back to Nina's house for make up and prep. It was really fun to photograph the girls getting ready and the family members coming in to congratulate Nina on her big day. After a few hours at the house, we moved to the church, which was St. Marion Catholic in downtown Cleveland. If you haven't been to this church before, it's definitely worth a look. Beautiful ceilings, altar, and ambiance.

We just so happened to be in downtown Cleveland on the day of the airshow, so many of the roads were closed and the traffic was nuts, however, it also meant that many of the parks and locations we wanted to visit were pretty much empty. Thus, we were able to grab some fantastic pictures downtown and avoid the big crowds.

At the end of the night, we wound up at Ahren's Banquet Center for a wonderful middle-eastern reception. The bride and groom were lifted up in the air, the band kept the dance floor packed... it was just a great night for Nina and Joe.

I really enjoyed working with the Assaad and Lahoud families, and I can't wait to show the photos of their beautiful day. Congrats Nina and Joe!


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The Wedding of Jackie and Mark

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I first met Jackie and Mark at our last wedding of the 2010 season. Jackie was a bridesmaid in Jessica and Kevin Schulze's wedding. The entire bridal party was a lot of fun to work with, so I knew that I was going to have a great time working with Jackie again.

We started out the day at Neon Salon in Sunbury. The girls arrived early to get their hair and nails done. A couple of the girls wanted to open up a bottle of champagne for some mimosa's and I remember thinking, "You may not want to point that in anyone's direction". The girls took the bottle outside and tried to remove the cork which just so happened to fly about 30 feet across the parking lot. Hilarious. 🙂

The wedding was great for me because I got a chance to shoot in my hometown of Westerville. The ceremony took place at St. Paul's which is a staple in the Westerville community. Beautiful weather, everyone was relaxed... couldn't have asked for more. I met up at the church with one of my up and coming shooters, Brooke Mott. (who did a great job I might add...) Between the two of us, we were able to capture some wonderful moments.

The reception was amazing. We were shooting at the Royal American Links country club, which is a great location because of the variety of areas to shoot in. Everything there is goregous. We were able to run around the golf course for a bit and shoot some fun group photos. The night flew by as the dance floor was packed up until the end of the reception. Kudos to the D.J. who did a fantastic job.

Congratulations to Jackie and Mark! We had a blast working with you!



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5 Years Strong

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It's hard to keep up in a world that's changing ever-so quickly. This year alone has seen numerous changes to Kaufman Kramer. Brad has moved to D.C., Chris is getting married, and I'm engaged... as if we all aren't busy enough right? The thing that I'm most proud of is how our company has grown right along with us. We've been in business for a wonderful five years and so I thought that now would be a great time to put together our five-year reel and to also announce some up-and-coming blog posts we are planning to release.

Along with our posts about our engagement sessions and weddings, I plan to showcase more posts about technique, image processing, travel photography, food photography and photo gear. We're also running full swing into wedding season, so between edits and album designs, I thought it would be nice to read up on some of the things going on in the industry.

We've always been grateful to our family, friends and clients for all the success we've had thus far, and we're all looking forward to another five years of great photography with amazing people. 🙂

One thing that will never change is our commitment to using our passion to tell our client's stories... Enjoy the reel!


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Rain or Shine… Breanne and Tyler

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Ah, Ohio. Sometimes, the weather just doesn't cooperate. A few weekends ago, we shot the wedding of Breanne and Tyler... and did it rain! We had plans to shoot a good portion our photography outside with them immediately following the ceremony, so when the downpour started, we were thinking... this will not be good.

Amazingly enough, as soon as we stepped out of the car, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. Who knew? The result was a beautiful scene at the Harding Memorial in Marion, Ohio. The wet ground really made the photos pop with reflections and actually helped create even more unique images.

The wedding reception was next door to the Palace Theater in Marion and I was very anxious for the opportunity to shoot in the beautifully ornate space. Towards the end of the night, we got our chance to shoot and the photos turned out AMAZING.

I think we were able to produce some phenomenal images and I can't wait for Breanne and Tyler to see their album!

All in all, a great weekend that started out rainy, but ended up with the sun in sky and great images in the camera. Enjoy!


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Married in Marion

by on Sep.06, 2010, under Client Slideshows

Marion has been such a wonderful city for Kaufman Kramer. Our second wedding ever took place in Marion and it’s always nice to come back to a city we’ve grown to love. In such a small town, everyone seems to know everyone, and that by far has been the best publicity for us. I think the thing I enjoy the most is the challenge to create something new for each client in the same town. Nicole and Brian heard about us through the Marion grapevine and they already had a great idea of the kind of photography we produce.

Wedding day was actually the third shoot they’ve had with us, and there are even plans to do one more session soon! (pics to follow of course…) 🙂

I think that as a creative professional, we seek out clients that understand what photography means to us. It’s so much more than just… sign here, we’ll show up then. It’s about getting to know people, building rapport, and just having fun doing what you love to do.

We really had a great time shooting with Nicole and Brian, and judging from the already numerous Facebook comments, I’m confident that their photos will be treasured for many years to come. Congratulations you two!!!


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Michel and Aaron. A Shoot to Remember…

by on Jun.30, 2010, under Client Slideshows

When I first met up with Michel and Aaron, they told me that they wanted to switch it up a bit for locations. In Mansfield Ohio, that can be a bit tricky since they aren’t as many locations available as you would find in a big city. Aaron suggested the Mansfield Reformatory. I thought, oh… this is going to be one to remember!

For those of you that have never been to the Mansfield Reformatory, it’s basically the old prison that they left standing after it closed in 1990. There have been many famous films shot there, most notably, The Shawshank Redemption. Scenes from Air Force One and Tango and Cash have also been shot there. So, if you’re a geek like me, the idea of shooting an engagement session in a place like this is AWESOME.

We had 1 hour to go through almost the entire prison (before they closed for the night) so it was definitely a shoot and go type of day. Despite the time contraint, I think the results turned out great! Enjoy!

P.S. Special thanks to Jeremy Kester from Kester Imagery for helping out on the shoot!


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Kristen and Mat

by on Jun.18, 2010, under Client Slideshows

On occasion, I get a chance to work with clients that I went to school with. It's so much fun to catch up with people and to already have a relationship established. Kristen and I were both in the American Marketing Association at Bowling Green State University for a couple years. So, when I ran into her at one of our shows, I was really excited about getting the chance to work with her again.

Kristen and Mat met up with Chris and I in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is kind-of like our old stomping grounds... lots of great parks and places to photograph. We couldn't have asked for a nicer afternoon to shoot.

I'm always asked by couples before the engagement session, "what should I wear?" That can always be a tricky question to answer, but my best advice to couples is to bring a couple different outfits. Wear something you LOVE to wear, because when you feel comfortable, relaxed, and absolutely stylin', the expressions on your face will say it all. Many couples feel like they have to coordinate with each other, which can work great, but only if both people feel good about what they're wearing.

My only rules are to stay away from complex patterns like tight white lines or shimmery textures because they tend to moiré "distort". I also tell clients that wearing bright white can be hard to photograph, especially if it's a mid-afternoon session. Most of our engagement sessions take place late-afternoon and in to sunset, so during these times, it's not a problem.

I love color, and Kristen and Mat did a great job of choosing some outfits that really look great. I think it's obvious from the photos that they liked what each other was wearing as well... what do you think?

Great session you two. Wedding day is almost upon us! 🙂


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