Strolling though campus… Vanessa and Andy

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Yay for sunshine! We’ve been having so much rain lately that some of our engagement sessions have literally been watching the weather channel down to the hour. I’ve been looking forward to Vanessa and Andy’s shoot for quite some time. These two have been so much fun to work with. They met at Otterbein University (it’s a University now (for all you Westervillians out there) and so this shoot meant so much more for the two of them.

I know how nostalgic I get when I walk around Bowling Green, and I could definitely see the excitement in their eyes walking around their alma mater. A beautiful day, with a fun and loving couple. What more could we ask for?


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Michel and Aaron. A Shoot to Remember…

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When I first met up with Michel and Aaron, they told me that they wanted to switch it up a bit for locations. In Mansfield Ohio, that can be a bit tricky since they aren’t as many locations available as you would find in a big city. Aaron suggested the Mansfield Reformatory. I thought, oh… this is going to be one to remember!

For those of you that have never been to the Mansfield Reformatory, it’s basically the old prison that they left standing after it closed in 1990. There have been many famous films shot there, most notably, The Shawshank Redemption. Scenes from Air Force One and Tango and Cash have also been shot there. So, if you’re a geek like me, the idea of shooting an engagement session in a place like this is AWESOME.

We had 1 hour to go through almost the entire prison (before they closed for the night) so it was definitely a shoot and go type of day. Despite the time contraint, I think the results turned out great! Enjoy!

P.S. Special thanks to Jeremy Kester from Kester Imagery for helping out on the shoot!


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This is just cool…

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I found this on a blog a little bit ago, and thought it was awesome. I want one, but where would I put it... alas... decisions...decisions...




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Kristen and Mat

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On occasion, I get a chance to work with clients that I went to school with. It's so much fun to catch up with people and to already have a relationship established. Kristen and I were both in the American Marketing Association at Bowling Green State University for a couple years. So, when I ran into her at one of our shows, I was really excited about getting the chance to work with her again.

Kristen and Mat met up with Chris and I in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is kind-of like our old stomping grounds... lots of great parks and places to photograph. We couldn't have asked for a nicer afternoon to shoot.

I'm always asked by couples before the engagement session, "what should I wear?" That can always be a tricky question to answer, but my best advice to couples is to bring a couple different outfits. Wear something you LOVE to wear, because when you feel comfortable, relaxed, and absolutely stylin', the expressions on your face will say it all. Many couples feel like they have to coordinate with each other, which can work great, but only if both people feel good about what they're wearing.

My only rules are to stay away from complex patterns like tight white lines or shimmery textures because they tend to moiré "distort". I also tell clients that wearing bright white can be hard to photograph, especially if it's a mid-afternoon session. Most of our engagement sessions take place late-afternoon and in to sunset, so during these times, it's not a problem.

I love color, and Kristen and Mat did a great job of choosing some outfits that really look great. I think it's obvious from the photos that they liked what each other was wearing as well... what do you think?

Great session you two. Wedding day is almost upon us! 🙂


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Breanne and Tyler

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I always love it when couples choose fun engagement session locations. Breanne and Tyler knew exactly what they wanted. "We are going to get some shots inside the Horseshoe..." Let's do it!

For those of you that have never been to / shot at the Horseshoe, it can be a bit tricky to get in if you don't show up at the right times. During the weekday, you can typically get in for no charge between the hours of 1PM and 5PM. During the weekend, you have to call for a reservation, and it'll cost you a small fee. In our case, we were able to "sneak" in around 4:45PM on a weekday afternoon. It actually worked out great because the stadium was literally ghost quiet. We had the whole place to ourselves to just run around, have fun, and shoot some great photography.

Breanne and Tyler were amazing to work with. Relaxed, up-for-anything, and just loved to be around each other. I know that wedding day will be awesome. Can't wait!


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Featured Photo

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An ominous night at the top of the Hancock Tower. The rainstorms had just ended and steam on top of each building began to rise. An amazing view of a beautiful city.

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Mary and Ben

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We've been catching up on some posts here at Kaufman Kramer and one that we've been looking forward to sharing is our shoot with Mary and Ben. When I met these two during our consultation, I knew from that moment that we would have a great relationship. They were excited to work with us, and we love it when clients really get where we're coming from creatively. It was the perfect match.

Our engagement session took us all over Downtown Columbus and we got a chance to find quite a few hidden treasures along the way. Enjoy the pics and vids, and we can't wait to post about them again after their wedding!


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