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Photography is a constantly evolving, ever changing monster.  Keeping up is hard, and doing so takes more and more of our time each day.  A great deal of the information I read on a daily basis has to do with software updates, new features of cameras, trends in the industry, etc.  Every so often among the deafening surge of information, I stumble upon something that makes me stop and take a second look. 

I happened upon such an article the other day as I was browsing Thom Hogan's website (  Thom is an accomplished writer and one of the best resources for photography and Nikon news, reviews, industry analysis and camera guides out there on the interwebs today. 

Thom has written an intriguing series called 'State of the Camera, 2010'.  He is breaking down what the current industry looks like, where we have been, and were we are likely to head in the future.  I would highly recommend reading through his website if you want an insider's perspective on the industry.  Reading Thom's articles got me thinking about the tools we use to tell stories and how they might change drastically in the future.

Right now, we live in a DSLR world.  The DSLR is the holy-grail of on-location, photojournalist photographers, and is the camera body of choice of most professional photographers (including KKP).  These cameras have rapidly evolved over a very short period of time.  The 2.7mp Nikon D1 was introduced in 1999 and was heralded as one of the first professional DSLRs to be really 'usable'.  Since then we have seen an explosion in the DSLR market with more camera choices and lenses than we have ever seen before.

Even though we have access to some of the greatest DLSRs that the industry has ever seen, I find myself looking toward the future and having doubts about continuing to invest in DSLR technology.  I've got a few concerns like mechanical mirrors and shutters, outdated connections, limited customization options, and having to buy a completely new camera body just to add a few new features. But the real question becomes 'is there an alternative?'.  Three years ago I would have said 'no', but today I'm able to say 'soon, there will be'.

Lets take the (soon to be released) RED cameras for example.  Epic and Scarlet.  They call them 'DMSC's, which stand for Digital Motion & Stills Camera.  Video and still capability in one camera is old hat now, but one of the key differences with the RED cameras is that they will be configurable and upgradable.  They are modular. Want a huge rig for shooting motion pictures?  Good to go.  Want a small portable rig for shooting stills on the go?  Check... oh and by the way you don't have to buy a new camera. 

I want the ability to tell a story using motion or still images.  I want the ability to custom tailor a camera so it can become transparent and fluid.  I want flexibility, affordability, and a piece of equipment that isn't going to be obsolete in two years.  RED just may have figured out the right formula that can satisfy all these needs.

It's part of my job at KKP to be on the look out for new and innovative technologies that can benefit our business and in the end, our clients.  Could a camera like the RED change the way we shoot, the way we tell stories, and even the way we market ourselves?  I have a feeling the answer is a resounding 'yes'.

Of course I can't be sure until we get our hands on one : )  When I do, you'll certainly hear about it.

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A Trip to Bowling Green…

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We got a hold of our photography professor, Jeff Hall, from Bowling Green State University the other day and he thought it would be a cool idea to come back and lecture to a group of up and coming Visual Communication students. Chris and I being alumni, we jumped at the chance to talk about what we love to do. I think this was also a great opportunity for Brad to talk about his creative side. (We usually keep his head buried in the everyday business stuff...)

Our presentation was focused primarily on what it takes to start a creative business, finding your inspiration / creative style, and lessons we've learned along the way. It was very humbling and a fantastic experience for us, and one that I don't think any of us will forget. I think it's through sharing ideas, insights, and inspiration (ha... alliteration!) that you gain a sense of where you've come from... and the experiences you've had.

Chris, Brad and I really enjoyed presenting at BGSU, and I hope that we get a chance to do it again. It was also very flattering that so many people stayed to chat with us afterward. I think we'll be doing some photo-walks soon so hopefully we'll get a chance to work with some of the great students we met.

I wanted to share a couple videos that we showed during the presentation, as well as some video clips of our lecture. (Thank you Rebecca for snagging those for us!)

This video is of an old Kodak Commercial that we LOVE. It's so well done, and its fun to watch! If you need some inspiration to shoot photography, this is a must see.

This video has the reel that we showed as well as clips from our presentation. Enjoy, and thanks again to all the VCT majors who came out to see us!


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Featured Photo

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This photo was taken in downtown Ann Arbor on a day that I just decided to go shoot.  In my mind I wanted to capture a ‘fleeting moment’ and this photo’s composition really spoke to me. Enjoy!

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Jessica and Kevin…the speeches

by on Apr.01, 2010, under General

Hello everyone.

I wanted to post up a much-desired video of the speeches from Jessica and Kevin’s wedding a few months back. We don’t typically shoot too much video during wedding day, but we always have a blog cam on us just in case we want to grab a quick vid here or there.

I love listening to speeches… and we’ve heard some really great ones over the years. Jessica and Kevin are very fortunate to have wonderful friends and family and we wanted to post this just so they have an extra-cool memory from their special day. Congratulations once again you two! Enjoy!

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