Photoshop World’s Midnight Madness!

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Chris and I have to admit, we were a little skeptical when we woke up at 6:15AM to get in line for Midnight Madness tickets; after all, we’d never been before. However, we can honestly say that it was well worth the early wake up call. We got to see some outtakes from the Photoshop World opening movie, and played an fun round of 1 versus 200 / Family Feud based on Photoshop questions. Of course, we can’t show you too much of Midnight Madness, because you have to get up early if you wanna go! Plus, I don’t think Chris and I had enough energy that late at night to hold the camera steady. :p

We also got a chance to briefly talk about what we did during the day while walking back. The night of Midnight Madness actually fell on the day with the most classes, so we were pretty tired when all was said and done. Totally worth it. It was a blast.

Check it out:

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The Nikon Legend: Joe McNally

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Chris and I got a chance to take in a quick class over at the Nikon Exhibition Theatre during the last day of the Tech Expo. Featured that afternoon was Joe McNally, one of the world’s most renowned photographers. Joe has photographed around the world for National Geographic, Life Magazine, and countless other publications. He is known as a Nikon Legend, which is an honor bestowed upon the world’s best shooters. VERY cool to hear him talk about his experiences, and to watch him demonstrate is mastery of light using the Nikon Creative Lighting System.

(To all of our friends, we want the lens he’s holding. 200mm f2.0. If you need birthday ideas.)

(The ultimate SB-800 set up)

(Steve and Joe McNally)

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The Boda Bag

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Chris and I were able to check out a very cool booth at the Tech Expo. Currently, we’ve been looking at Jessica Claire’s ShootSac, to help us keep track of our equipment on location. We often place lenses in church pews, back rooms, etc… during weddings. This causes a loss in time because we have to look for everything we need. This new company, Boda, came up with the Boda Dry, a new type of lens pouch that allows the shooter to carry up to 3 lenses with them at all times. The bag is VERY comfortable to wear (although I’m not so sure after a full day of shooting). The product seemed to be exactly what we were looking for because it can be worn as belt, and thus less restrictive than a satchel strap. Here are some photos and a video of the bag:

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Photoshop World’s Pro Pass

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NAPP allows you to register for Photoshop World in couple of different ways. There is a standard registration and a Pro Pass registration. Luckily, I picked up one of the last pro-pass registrations available. Unfortunately, Chris wasn’t able to get one. (Which was a bummer)

The cool thing about a pro pass is that it gives you an extra conference workbook (well worth the cost of the conference alone) and a bunch of extras. Some of these extras include: an attache bag, note taking binder, pens, t-shirt, hat, etc…

The coolest thing about the Pro Pass is that you get a ticket to the Photoshop World Party, which is a great opportunity to network with the instructors you’ve been taking courses from all day. Here are some pictures from the party:

(NAPP Staff Birthday)

(Steve was Dave Cross from Photoshop UserTV) (Eddit Tapp took the picture) ;)

(Steve looking way more excited than Ben Willmore)

(Scott Kelby’s Band: Big Electric Cat)

(For the record, Scott Kelby can also sing) ;)

(David Ziser doing what he does best)

(R.C. doing… something?)

(Steve and Eddie Tapp, a Canon Explorer of Light)

(Steve, Dave, and Eddie)

(Steve and the man himself, Scott Kelby, President of NAPP)

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Night Time on International Drive Part 2

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Part 2 of the Night Shoot on International Drive.

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Night Time Shooting on International Drive

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After a long pre-conference day, Chris and I decided to go out shooting. Our goals this time were to shoot some cool HDR shots of the International Drive. The cool thing about this road is that the landscaping is gorgeous, and the buildings are well lit at night. We got a chance to take some video along the way. Check it out.

(Amanda and Dave)

Amanda and Dave, if you would like these pictures, please send us an e-mail to Thanks for having fun with us!

(Long exposure with selective fill flash)


(from Chris’ point and shoot) ~ nice!

(Fountain time lapse)

(The Peabody Hotel)

(Walkway outside of Convention Center with Fill Flash)

(Time lapse of International Drive)

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Photoshop World: Pre Conference Day!

by on Apr.01, 2008, under General

We made it onto the NAPP web site! Check out this hilarious pic off their blog:

(Yes, I am tired and will do pretty much anything) ;)

If you want to see the whole blog, go to:

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